Order private label products to your exact specification. Contact us today to find out more about bespoke coatings and cleaning products.

Customisable Private Label Products, including Coatings and Cleaners

Want to sell private label products? Revolutionary Protective Solutions Ltd offers an array of customisation options on our high-quality products, enabling you to put your brand on the protective coatings and cleaning products you sell. Products can be customised to your preferences too, including colours, scents, concentration, and anti-microbial properties. Backed by experience, we serve organisations throughout the UK and worldwide. Get in touch today for more information about customisation.



At Revolutionary Protective Solutions Ltd, we offer our products in a wide range of colours to fit your brand identity and marketing. Whatever kind of coating you need, we will blend colours to find the right shade for you. What’s more, we use low-staining dyes to minimise any risk of colour contamination.



Additionally, we currently have a range of more than 40 fragrances, which can be added to nearly all of our products and blended to create your ideal scent. If you are interested in selling a high-quality anti-microbial vanilla-scented wood coating or a range of blue bubblegum car shampoos, speak with our team to discover how we can meet your needs and provide samples of specific scents.


Anti-Microbial Coatings

We can also add Biomaster anti-microbial additives to any of our coatings. This will provide long-lasting, effective protection against a range of bacteria and viruses. You can find out more about Biomaster technology at the link below.



Some of our products can be sold in different levels of concentration, depending on your requirements. Whether you want to sell coatings and cleaners ready-to-use or provide dilutable products, simply get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.


Bottles and Labels

We also enable our clients to select the colour, size, and design of bottles for their wholesale products. You can choose to use our Aqueous Guard labels, or we can customise your label for co-branding. We also offer full branding services if you’d prefer us to design a new label for you.

Custom Boxes

Boxes and Packaging

As part of our private label and customisation services, we offer a range of packaging options, including:

- High-Quality or Budget Inner Packaging
- High-Quality or Budget Shipping Boxes
- Customised Branded Tape
- Filling Options
- Mailing Bags

Customise Your Products

All of our coatings and cleaning products are customisable as private label products.